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Make Your Partner Reach Multiple Orgasm Peak

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Women are not as sex objects, but rather a place to share your erotic pleasures. Sex happens when both are excited, giving pleasure to the spouse and not afraid to express his own pleasure. If it is successful, the eternal circle has grown erotic. Here is a technique that can be used to share erotic pleasure with a partner (suggested you two are a couple who already have ties).

To obtain the necessary female orgasm ejaculation on two aspects of the stimulus, physical stimulation and psychological stimulation. Without you can meet the psychological needs of women, he would not be able to get an orgasm ejaculation. There are three keys to get the required mental state: belief, relaxation and desires. Trust that allows a woman to let herself give in and out of control when she was lying naked in the arms of your physical comfort is the first step to gain total confidence.

Relaxation is needed by women, because without him really relax completely, all the wishes will not come true. So that women can achieve orgasm ejaculation, he should want to loose control over his body. If he is not keen on this orgasm, you will not be able to get an orgasm ejaculation. Here is a technique used to get the woman to orgasm ejaculation. the first time.

Physical stimulation

Leisure is the key. If he already knows how to get orgasm ejaculation for the first time, he can get it back by standing, lying down or whatever position he thinks convenient. But for a beginner she has to lie supine on a padded mat, flat and comfortable. You both need to be naked, (to be relaxed and comfortable enough in spurring orgasm ejaculation u / first time) that a man should lay down beside her. You must be completely comfortable with the whole body and she should feel comfortable waiting for the touch of your well. He will feel comfortable when you do not just pay attention to hot spots, breasts, clitoris and vagina, but all parts of the body.

Touch his lips with his finger, feel – really feel – and enjoy the texture of his ears, so you do not just turn on, but also must create a great stimulus conditions-and-desire and willingness to do whatever you want on top of him. You want him to feel that nothing will injure or harm him. All you are doing nothing will make her sorry.

Try to move the finger from the forehead to the hair fell back into his neck. She’ll love it. eyes with a gentle kiss. You will be asked what to do with orgasm ejaculation? A woman will not get an orgasm without actually comfortable, safe, relaxed with you. Touch her hair, shoulders, stroked his arm, grasp his hand. Holding hands during sex is important, it suggests to him that she was with someone who cares, who are expert. Do not be afraid to hold hands and embrace any division during lovemaking. Enjoy all, enjoy the fact that you’re with her and she was with you.

Kiss her, kiss her breasts, neck, lips and other body parts, limit up to his waist until he stomach upwards. Reverse and touch the spinal cord sections with your fingers while kissing her Kiss her back, the muscles of the left beside right, as you massage tongue. No woman who does not like kisses. Make love not completely staggered. Do not follow the list or a specific sequence. There is no limit to the game this early; not Take new. You never do what she wants unless you really want to make him orgasm. We still stages of preparation.

Eye contact. When a woman’s eyes, do not just look at him dive deeper. The look of a man who will look aroused and relaxed look that different from everyone else. People tend to close my eyes when already aroused. Tell him “I stare.” This will make it more aroused, because he sees what you are doing and your eyes while doing it. Eventually, just by looking in depth during any stage will improve the conditions of a sudden erotic.

Breast. Touching the skin along the neck to the navel with his hands and tongue, without touching anything on her breasts – to foster his desire. Then stroked one side of the breast, move your finger on the skin; sexual stimulation is bring in the vibrations of the breast. At first do not jump to rub and kiss her, but feel with my mouth If you kiss her breasts, do not just kiss and suck but impregnated them. . He will be 10 times more aroused. If possible, bring the sides of her breasts so you can kiss him on both nipples at once. Bring the putting-putting as close as possible to allow your mouth to kiss her mouth and nipples simultaneously.

Squeezing her breasts at all times. Feel what is in it. Sometimes certain parts faster than other parts. Imagine there is fluid in it and you want to squeeze out gently. Do not hold the breast in nipples. Feel the base with one or both hands, press gently, press it into the fluid front imaginable, slowly up to the putting. You will become a hero in the eyes of your partner.

Leg. You want the legs in circumstances which are totally relaxed. What seems he noticed was the lack of relaxing at his feet as affected by stimulation of other parts of the body. Kissed her feet, massage her feet. Release the tension in the muscles of his legs. If massaging the feet, you also have to massage the buttocks and also massage the waist, hips, buttocks and feet next to the rear. Think of the rear legs and buttocks as a whole.

Knead her ass a little strong, but not too strong. It will be interesting muscles located around the vaginal skin, so its stimulation more than pleasure in the vagina. To ensure this happens, describe in your mind while you do it. Imagine that the skin and muscles to move, imagine what would happen and her relationships. No problem starting from the front or back foot, but will get the best results when you relaxing lower body with a focus on the front foot, while he lay on his back. It is recommended to start from the front and hold backs, then returned to the fore. Relaxes her feet as she lay on her back with knees slightly bent not astride, but open wide enough so you had no trouble reaching out and touching her vagina with his hand.

Do not directly touched her vagina until she was really relaxed and aroused enough. With relaxation techniques like this will make your partner feel comfortable. But even more important that she learn to trust you because of how you touch it with tenderness. With a little experience you can see and feel the signs of stimulation and relaxation experienced by your partner. If a woman is relaxed enough or he would hold his arm around you, as if he did not want to split up so that you both really feel safe with each other.

You will feel the sexual urge of the way he holds you and demand has been only possible when he’s really relaxed and confident partner in their entirety. Mark when he has aroused will have a clear wave motion in the hip and groin may also be abdominal, thigh and chest. If he’s relaxed and aroused enough, wrapping your arms or hug her.

Then you bend down and he on his back, massage your lower back (hip) and female sexual massage area that is below the area above the navel-haired, because while there is no buildup of sexual stimulation blood flow in the area, massage gently, after a few moments this About a region loosen the tension. Do not do more than a minute, because it will be too loose. At this stage you probably want to kiss again, stroking his hair and so on. Remember you’re dealing with not only your body, you’re with someone.

Contact Vagina. It is recommended to start with a lower hand so that your palms and your fingers to cover the whole vagina – but not actually touching. Move your hands so that he felt quite warm, but not the hand itself. If he immediately thrust his hand toward your vagina, do not allow the vagina to touch his hand! of course, maybe you can let the feathers and skin around the hands but do not touch the first touch.

After he hit his hand many times, use two fingers – one on one on every lip vagina – and touch with soft warmth of the area around her vagina lips. With Soft. Keep stroking and expand your fingers so that the vaginal lips open. This will not only moving his lips, the clitoris and vaginal area in general but also makes some fluid moving in uniformly .its will really make it crazy. If he did not say anything you ask him what he wants to do about it. When you touch it and then he sent out in, still do not do it. At this stage he probably will experience a clitoral orgasm. Play him up until he could not stand it anymore, he will be more wild than you might ever imagine.

Flatten vagina lips. Point your fingers toward the vaginal opening. Stop above the lips and mouth until the second expand open, place your palms on the entire vagina. Cover the area with a hand so that the middle finger touching chin between the vagina and anus and the base of the hand rests on the clitoris. Hold! give a little so that he can feel the pressure of a hand moving above. With the two middle fingers, give more pressure on a damp so flow between your fingers. Concentrate on her clitoris.

Prone Areas. If you get enough pleasure from the stage between two fingers touch your clitoris, move the index or middle finger there. Do not play around – keep tap on the wall in the upper vagina, the area directly behind the clitoris. Here G-spot located. After the middle finger touched her clitoris, move your fingers downward and into the vagina and the bone that you feel in it until the fingertips touch the area directly behind the clitoris to the vagina. That’s the G-spot, a place of pleasure. Meanwhile, keep your fingers touch the G-spot, use my other hand to pull him closer with a soft hug, thereby increasing trust and confidence that you master the techniques of sex. With these arms you’ll come back to enjoy her body, feel his breath, stay for the trust that you are so close and could be trusted completely.

Rub the surface of the G-spot with one finger, with upward movement down gently, as if rubbing soap bubbles that do not want solved. Then begin applying more pressure to move to a top-down, increased slowly until the pressure of commonly used when writing on a steamy window. If at this stage starting to feel less smooth surface or there was no bulge touch you need to return to a more soft. Concentration amount of pressure on the G-spot. The fingers should not be out of the vagina and cervix do not touch.

After feeling the contraction in the wall of the vagina that lasted at least 10 minutes a result of your touch, insert another finger into the vagina to strengthen the action of the first finger. This is a good time to add intimacy with hugging and kissing your partner.

After two fingers inside, hold your finger on the bony area at the top of the vagina gently, and familiarize yourself with it. At this stage one or more movement will make your partner orgasm ejaculation very approached. The movements can be one of the following:

1. By using both ends of the fingers press the reinforced area, in the vagina and cervix. Start with the pressure at the level like you write the name on the foggy window, so start there is a growing insistence began rubbing harder. Even so with speed, ranging from the slow to fast.

2. Move your finger up and down on the troubled area but always come back to that point at the beginning and end of each movement. Vary the pressure and velocity of movement. Consider your partner’s reaction. View or asked her what she wanted, the first or second. Alternatively the two, or a combination of both.

3. Exit – insert your fingers while still stopped at the G-spot one or two seconds.

Fixed continue this technique until you feel the muscles contracting is moving in and out slowly. Feel your inner walls of the enlarged tap into suddenly pinch your fingers. Also typically will contract and expand again. Sometimes it can be expanded out past the original starting point, as if her vagina has grown bigger or as if the vagina itself was full of air.

Need to recognize is that this contraction is absolute and positive sign that orgasm ejaculation is imminent. You probably will feel any contractions or spasms of the above through the hairy area, the entire region into wild vagina and butt like I’m open, breathing becomes heavy. If it does not seem he’ll hug you, please reply arms, because what he did was to convince you there nearby, closer than ever. Enjoy what you do, do not think about when he will begin to ejaculate. Do not ask anything, convince him through the soft words “I’m with you” or “come here”. Remember he will do something he can not control when it began. He may not know exactly what is happening, but definitely know that it is something that has never felt before.

Now he’s almost getting ejaculation, at this stage is very important to give 110% effort – to give one last kiss, hug additional. Then hug her tight because you’re both going to continue racing for good.

Female orgasm. At this stage do not make mistakes. Everything you do is push everything to ejaculation. Keep in touch and stroked the susceptibility region in the same way. You may add a little more pressure. Or maybe increase the speed and reduce the pressure, it could still continue because he will come out soon. You may soon feel the contraction of the seizure at least in part, which practically push your finger out of the vagina, make sure not to get out your finger from the vagina. A few moments longer he would soon eject out, warm liquids will flow or gush out.

This liquid will not stop when you do not want it as long as you still touch her she will remain contracted. Again and again, more warm liquid coming out from his body. Continue to increase the intimacy and trust with hugs and soft words. Even better, give her a spirit; tell him to remove it, tell him you want more. When he learns that you are really enjoyed, he will continue the most fantastic orgasms in your life.

If he says “Stop, I need a break” listen to him. Actually it does not mean you should stop at all; this is the best time to enter the penis slowly into her vagina, if she wants your penis is inserted. Think about the movement you are doing with your fingers, and try to imitate it by using the penis. He may be sprayed again when the penis is still inside.

Once women get to experience G-spot and ejaculation the first time, he will be able to get an orgasm ejaculation even in circumstances that are not supposed to though. Once he learns what can be done by her, she can then experience the thrill of a new orgasm varies with position, with your penis like a finger, with oral sex (cunnilingus), and even still was still half-dressed or naked. He will be able to do so while standing, lying down, face down or tilted. While sitting or squatting over your body, in the bathtub, etc..

Advice for women who can not “let go” (capable of experiencing and feeling the ejaculation):

1. Believe in instinct. Take a natural approach to life.

2. True to yourself. Women are more honest than men.

3. Be aware of your shortcomings, but do not think about it too. Try to build a positive image.

4. Do not be afraid to wet the bed. That’s not urine and it will dry.

Good luck

Hot Sex Positions and Benefits According to Tao

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Besides able to feel orgasms repeatedly, or philosophy of teaching Tao provide benefits to live healthy and happy. Although derived from Chinese, Taoism is easily understood, practical, and even all mankind can studied.

Understand that sex is essentially something universal. Around the sixth century or
2nd century AD, Taoism was found based on the book Tao Te Ching, Lao writing
Tzu who later developed by the followers, who later Chuang Tzu
become philosophical. This is the favorite positions Tao

Traction from above and behind

This position is the woman sitting with his back to the above pair man’s face, dealing with the foot while holding and stroking the feet man. This position was made if the couple already saturated with various variations of style or position.

The existence of women over make it more freely for the vagina to touched and grabbed the penis. While the couple other than men can also enjoy express his love with his arm around, and thigh while squeezing the breast or buttocks.

In Taoist teachings can benefit from this position can accelerate the blood and good for those who have high blood pressure disease.

Side grip

The position of women is still higher than this time he did not just lie but picked up one of her hips in a tilted position. Position women were slightly sideways. This position is believed to fuel the energy and can channel stimulation higher.

Gripping each other

Sitting face to face, the woman is above the pair embraced. Whereas he clenched his hands below. Friction and rhythmic jolt can be done in a long time interval
while kissing lips. Although the above position of women, then not only can embrace, but
also stroked the breasts so that makes the more stimulation and can be
lit passion hotter. Felt relaxed and fun time intercourse positions. Not a lot of energy expenditure. Precisely power is very strong stimulation.

Roll grip

Each lying in a sideways position as he hugged. Second hand pair circular to the hip area and buttocks. In this position man and the couple showered each other a kiss and a warm hug. I was so delicious, men and couples bias to roll around, do not want off, because this position is very exciting. Besides, the position

This helped clear the kidney, heart and lungs. Because This position can help the energy points to the above organs and for which there is disorder pubic bone.

Fall grip

Sit facing each other, keep the position of women over men thigh. In This position is not sitting on the bed but with the use of bench padded around half a meter high. The bench is not selected there its back, so the legs downward bias due to the relaxed while making love.

When doing this the position of men and couples are free to sway, mutual friction entire skin surface in contact and jerk it accordance with the desire.

Worship at Top Mantras

Position the woman lying on higher ground (or table mat)with wide open thighs and legs, until the legs at the knees bent tip of a table or mat. Thus, the male partner to easily insert his penis with half standing position is supported by both his knees. This sex scene is male dominated movements. But the women do not only enjoy but also can train for stronger vaginal muscles gripping tool vital to men.

This position will accelerate the blood, both for those suffering from blood pressure high. If there is one pair of high blood disorder, the position must lying down or when one spouse must be the position of the energy shortage lying so controlled.

In the Edge Games

Women in the supine position under, then lift both legs propped on the shoulders of men. The position of men is bent woman’s buttocks, lifting her knees to get closer with a vital tool

Clear male dominance in this position and this is very liked by the women, because they can enjoy the aggressive attacks from her partner, so ‘to the extreme in’.

Conquest of the Stern

Like push-ups, women hold hands below. Head leaning on his hand slightly down, and the buttocks higher. While that guy in a half standing position with knees bent penis entering from behind. This position will enhance energy stimulation of both partners. Also explores the ‘sharp end in’.

Good luck

Surefire Way To Oral Sex

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I am not the only woman who says this. Furthermore, some of you who do not try to do it so well, so maybe this little review will help you. When a woman finds a man who gives good head, she will get the award he would not go by so quickly. This is a rare customer, and he knew it. She will not even tell her girlfriends about it or that guy will become the most popular man in town. So remember, most guys can do and those who usually can do so in a way satisfactory, but the guy who gives good head, he was the author.

Many women are embarrassed about their bodies. Even if you had the most beautiful woman in the world on the bed with you, he’ll worry about how you liked her body. Tell her beautiful body, tell her which parts you like best, tell her anything, but make him believe you with enough to let you lie between her legs.

Now stop and notice what you see. Beautiful is not it? Nothing makes a woman more unique than her vagina. I know. I’ve seen a lot. Different sizes, colors and shapes; some form creased inside like a small woman, and some have thick luscious lips that will delight you. Some are in the bushes and the other fur covered with transparent fuzz. Appreciate your woman’s quality covered with a transparent coat. Appreciate your woman’s unique qualities and tell him what made him special.

Women are much better orally than in men. Especially during sex they also respond more to love, either orally, which means, the more you talk to her, it’s easier for him, so the entire time you use when you’re making out and moving with beautiful pussy, talk to him about it.

Now look again. Gently pull the lips apart and look at pubic inner lips, even lick them if you want, now separate the top of the vagina towards the top until you find clitoris. Women have clitoris in all different sizes, just like you guys have different penis size. This does not mean a thing as far as her capacity for orgasm. All it means is more of what is hidden below the surface of the skin.

Whenever you touch the vagina of a woman, make sure your fingers are wet. You can lick it or moisten it with juices from inside her body. Ensure, with all the tools, to wet it before you touch clitoris because these devices do not have the liquid itself and that is very sensitive. Your finger will enter in case of dry and that hurts. But you do not want to touch clitoris however. You must raise it before he becomes in a state of arousal, clitoris too soft for the treatment.

Vagina slowly approached the women, even more so than men, love to be teased. The inside of her thigh is her most tender. Licking, kissing, make the sign of your tongue with the former. Move dangerous approached her vagina. Then float with him. Create expect.

Now lick the folds where both feet in touch with her vagina, your face into “a bush (the feathers).” Rub your lips. After you do this go to the place where she rose from her seat and tried to seduce him to make you closer to him. Then put your lips right above the crack.

The tongue will do it. This great feeling. It also making out of it because of the circumstances that now he wants more attention given to clitoris. Check it out. See if clitoris has become quite hard to get rid of the lid. If so, lick if you do not see it, it still must wait for you are below it. So bring your tongue up and over the Gap and feel clitoris. You may barely experience its presence. But even if you can not feel the tiny pearl, you can make it rise by licking the skin that covers it. Lick hard now and press into her skin.

Gently pull the pussy lips and suck on your tongue towards the clitoris hood covered or not. Do this quickly. This should cause her legs to shudder. When you feel him begin to experience toward orgasm, make your lips in the form of O and take the he clitoris into your mouth. Start to suck gently and watch your lady’s face for her reaction, if she digs it, suck harder. If she digs it, suck even harder. If he likes it. Suck harder. Continue to do with him if he liked it. Suck harder. Continue to do with it. If she raised her hips toward the air with the tension from rising orgasm, move with him, do not fight with him. Hang in there and still keep your hot mouth on he clitoris. Do not let go. That’s what she’ll be saying too: ‘Do not stop. Do not ever stop. “

There is a reason for that, most men stop too soon. Just like with cock sucking. This is something worth learning about and worth learning to do it right. I know a man who making love with bad / bad, really bad, but he can eat pussy like nobody I know, and he never has trouble getting a date. The girls fall in love with him.

But back to the stage to eat your pussy. There are other things you do to improve your lady’s pleasure. You can do with your fingers into it while she is enjoying your expertise he clitoris licking. Before, during or after. He’s really going to like it. In addition to the exciting area around he clitoris, a woman has another extremely sensitive area that is far enough away from your penis from your mouth, your fingers will be able to do so.

Use two fingers one too few and three is too wide and therefore can not get deeper. Make sure your fingers are wet so you do not make a skin irritation. Slip into. At first slowly, then a little faster. Fuck her with rhythm. Speed up only when he’s having an orgasm. Listen to her breathing.

She’ll make you know what to do. If you suck your finger on he clitoris and at the same time, you’re giving him far more stimulation than you gave him with your penis only. So you can expect that he will experience a high level of orgasm with it. If there is no doubt, check the signs. Each woman is unique. You may nipples get hard when she’s excited or only when she’s having an orgasm. Pubic you may change them to red, or begin to tremble. Look for the signs and you will become a more sensitive lover.

When she experienced an orgasm, do not let go he clitoris hang there during that time. As he started down from his first orgasm, press your tongue along the inside of he clitoris, leave your lips cover the upper part. Move your tongue in and out. If your fingers are in, move the little movement, with soft, everything is very sensitive moment in the present circumstances.

If you play your cards right, you will get tiered orgasm this way. A woman remains excited for a full hour after she experienced an orgasm. Do you realize the powerful influence of that information? Potential? One woman was clocked at 56 orgasms at one sitting. Do you know what will influence you have on the woman you gave 56 orgasms? she becomes all you want it’s yours.

Some women like men and into their anal section with their fingers while also being eaten he clitoris.

The last advice I have for you is: after you made him have an orgasm, make him be your slave by giving the biggest head he’d never have, never let him alone so alone. Speak to her, stroke her body, caress her breasts. Keep making love long enough until he was way down. A man can get off and go to sleep in the same breath and feel no remorse, no sense of loss. But a woman by nature requires some sensitivity from her lover in the first few moments of the moments after sex.

Oral sex can be the most satisfying sexual experience you have. But this is what you make. Use your frequent practice time, give attention to the signals your sex partner, and the most important of all, enjoy yourself.

Now do it and make your partner smile and you making love, and most important of the brothers, enjoy yourself.

good lock