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12 Feb


Stop Free Sex and Recognize Danger

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Free Sex is a sexual relationship outside of marriage is performed, both like the same in the world likes it or prostitution.

Free sex not only done by women and even teenagers who have been married too often do it with people who are not spouses. Usually done with a reason for the variation of sex or sexual sensation to overcome boredom.

Free sex is not worth doing because given the risk is very large. Here are some of the dangers of free sex:

1. For young people

• Pregnancy at an early age is very risky

• Infertility due to abortion

• bleeding that can result in abortion death

• Loss of opportunity to study or to lose the future because they have to get married at an early age

• Hit by a sexually transmitted disease

• Hit by HIV / AIDS

However, for teenagers who like to have sex should get married.

2. For those who are married

• The destruction of the household due to infidelity

• If you already have a child, his son will not get attention

• contracted the disease sexually transmitted

• contracted HIV / AIDS

If you feel less harmonious in house keep you can improve that relationship through marriage consultant. If the problem is the problem of bed you should contact a doctor who specializes in that field.

So if all could be improved to make what cheating. OK. Peace and Love

Hot Sex Positions and Benefits According to Tao

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Besides able to feel orgasms repeatedly, or philosophy of teaching Tao provide benefits to live healthy and happy. Although derived from Chinese, Taoism is easily understood, practical, and even all mankind can studied.

Understand that sex is essentially something universal. Around the sixth century or
2nd century AD, Taoism was found based on the book Tao Te Ching, Lao writing
Tzu who later developed by the followers, who later Chuang Tzu
become philosophical. This is the favorite positions Tao

Traction from above and behind

This position is the woman sitting with his back to the above pair man’s face, dealing with the foot while holding and stroking the feet man. This position was made if the couple already saturated with various variations of style or position.

The existence of women over make it more freely for the vagina to touched and grabbed the penis. While the couple other than men can also enjoy express his love with his arm around, and thigh while squeezing the breast or buttocks.

In Taoist teachings can benefit from this position can accelerate the blood and good for those who have high blood pressure disease.

Side grip

The position of women is still higher than this time he did not just lie but picked up one of her hips in a tilted position. Position women were slightly sideways. This position is believed to fuel the energy and can channel stimulation higher.

Gripping each other

Sitting face to face, the woman is above the pair embraced. Whereas he clenched his hands below. Friction and rhythmic jolt can be done in a long time interval
while kissing lips. Although the above position of women, then not only can embrace, but
also stroked the breasts so that makes the more stimulation and can be
lit passion hotter. Felt relaxed and fun time intercourse positions. Not a lot of energy expenditure. Precisely power is very strong stimulation.

Roll grip

Each lying in a sideways position as he hugged. Second hand pair circular to the hip area and buttocks. In this position man and the couple showered each other a kiss and a warm hug. I was so delicious, men and couples bias to roll around, do not want off, because this position is very exciting. Besides, the position

This helped clear the kidney, heart and lungs. Because This position can help the energy points to the above organs and for which there is disorder pubic bone.

Fall grip

Sit facing each other, keep the position of women over men thigh. In This position is not sitting on the bed but with the use of bench padded around half a meter high. The bench is not selected there its back, so the legs downward bias due to the relaxed while making love.

When doing this the position of men and couples are free to sway, mutual friction entire skin surface in contact and jerk it accordance with the desire.

Worship at Top Mantras

Position the woman lying on higher ground (or table mat)with wide open thighs and legs, until the legs at the knees bent tip of a table or mat. Thus, the male partner to easily insert his penis with half standing position is supported by both his knees. This sex scene is male dominated movements. But the women do not only enjoy but also can train for stronger vaginal muscles gripping tool vital to men.

This position will accelerate the blood, both for those suffering from blood pressure high. If there is one pair of high blood disorder, the position must lying down or when one spouse must be the position of the energy shortage lying so controlled.

In the Edge Games

Women in the supine position under, then lift both legs propped on the shoulders of men. The position of men is bent woman’s buttocks, lifting her knees to get closer with a vital tool

Clear male dominance in this position and this is very liked by the women, because they can enjoy the aggressive attacks from her partner, so ‘to the extreme in’.

Conquest of the Stern

Like push-ups, women hold hands below. Head leaning on his hand slightly down, and the buttocks higher. While that guy in a half standing position with knees bent penis entering from behind. This position will enhance energy stimulation of both partners. Also explores the ‘sharp end in’.

Good luck

Beware of Sex addiction

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The problem of sex is very diverse. Disturbance can be started from the desire that is not lit, pain during sex, until the erection disorders. Many of the disorders that can be overcome using drugs and therapies. However, one of sexual disorders are classified as difficult to deal with addiction.

Sex addiction is often considered not a problem for many people. In fact, for the sufferer and his life partner, the disorder can be very destructive. Not only damage the sufferer’s personal life, but also the social environment, family, and especially the patients spouse (read the book: The Addictions and the result).

According to experts, sexual addiction is an appropriate measure of sexual activity considered beyond the control of allurement. Sex addiction sufferers feel compelled to acquire and immerse themselves in sexual activities, although aware of all potential risks facing.

Sex can be addictive as alcohol and drugs. When Doing Activities of sex, body to release chemicals that make our bodies to be comfortable. Some people become addicted to remove these chemical compounds and becomes obsessed to get again and again and again, feeling comfortable caused.

As for the other addictions, the body getting used to the release of these chemical compounds. Addict’s body needs more numbers, more and more, and more and more, which means that sex continues to feel the need, it is never satisfied.

Among the fulfillment of sexual needs and high chemical, emerged triumphant. It is often identified with the feelings of shame, regret, pain and anxiety. Addiction sufferers can feel isolated, isolated, and powerless to change their behavior. Along with continued turning circle is not endless, the people with sex addiction continues to get sex in order to escape the feeling that handcuff.

More than 6 percent by conservative estimates, 3 to 6 percent of the population of people suffering from addiction to sex and 20 percent of whom are women. They come from various walks of life. However, numbers three and six percent were estimated to be too low from the actual number of sufferers.

Given the prevalent sex addiction is accompanied by feelings of shame and disgraceful, according to the site owned by Dr. Patrick Carnes, an expert consultant and a leading sex addiction,, so sufferers often find it difficult to get help. For this reason also, the type of patient profile sex addiction is difficult to find.

Since the opening of the Internet with a variety of cheap sexual services without having to open a self-interested persons identity, experts can only know that people with sex addiction that rose sharply, without knowing their exact identity. With limited assistance services for patients, experts believe the number of people with sex addiction that will continue to rise.

Then, as if the signs of those who suffer from sex addiction? Dr Patrick Carnes suggests the existence of 10 possible signs that need to be aware of:

1. Feel that your behavior is not restrained.

2. Aware that could arise due to severe if you continue with that behavior.

3. Feeling unable to stop the behavior you even aware of the consequences.

4. Fixed hunt destructive activities and / or high-risk.

5. Continue to expect to stop or control what you do and act actively to limit the dangerous activity you do.

6. Using sexual fantasies as a way to cope with difficult feelings or situations.

7. Need sex continually in order to always feel good.

8. Suffered from the feelings that keep swirling around sexual activity.

9. Spending a lot of time to plan, do, or regret and do more sexual activity.

10. Ignoring the social activities, the activities office, and recreational activities are important for sex.

When you see the need to admit there is one of the signs, the sign on of contained in your behavior, the most important steps that can be done is recognize that sex addiction is a real and no problems go away or goes away by itself. You must choose one’s attitude personally responsible for the recovery of the interference, which could be you’re experiencing.

Generally, people with sexual disorders had found it difficult to change their own behavior. However, at least little by little you should be able to minimize the behavior as depicted on the signs at the top although sometimes the urge to repeat the cycle coming acts too strong to be resisted.

A professional therapist can help you to understand what really happened and take steps to push you to lifestyle changes toward a healthier sexual.

Conversely, if you suspect that your spouse is a patient addicted to sex, you should have helped to change the behavior. Mental attitude you need to prepare yourself is, no one would ever recover from addiction except to accept that they suffered a fault and want to change. Because of that, help strengthen your resolve couples who are addicted to getting stronger willingness to make changes.

It’s messy, painful, and confusing a couple who are addicted to sex. If in Western society, even the available help for those who have a spouse sex addict. Help can be personal as well as in the companion group. Although not yet available in Indonesia such service, you can search for insights, for example to a Sex Addicts Anonymous, an international site provides information on assistance from the UK in or at the British Association of Sexual and Relationship Therapists, which offers a directory Private sex therapist at: Forms of addiction and consequences of sex addiction may exhibit various forms, but generally recognizable from the behavior that feels out of control. These behaviors include:

– Spend plenty of time to enjoy pornographic products

– Uncontrolled Masturbation

– Exhibitionism

– Voyeurism

– Fetishes

– High-risk Sex

– Prostitution

– Phone sex and sex via the Internet

– Infidelity

– Having sex with a new partner who is known

By Dr Carne, the survey revealed a result of the behavior of sex addiction, among others:
70 percent experienced severe disruption with 40 percent losing his life partner spouse 27 percent of lost opportunities in a career 40 percent experienced an unwanted pregnancy 72 percent obsessed suicidal 17 percent attempted suicide 68 percent exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.

Lesbian !!! Why, and How To Treating?

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What might be because a woman loved the body shape like a friend so she could be categorized as a sexually transmitted disease or lesbian? What if he really loves his friends but he also had a male lover?

These questions could certainly be a number of questions among teenagers or career women today. Call it Eve who are still sitting on the bench in high school. He claimed to feel a sense of sexual pleasure with his girlfriend.

It happened at the time of Eve saw the body of his friend when he was in the locker room during gym class. Eve is also frequently considered girls or other women is very beautiful. Though he himself had had a lover. Continue What happened to Eve? Is she a girl lesbian?

Or call it Maya who was very close with his new friends at the office. Because they were both single, very often spend time together, ranging from movies, to the Mall, or elsewhere. Hold hands, snuggle have become so common. However when his friend was staying at his home, he seems resigned to fondle her body when her friend is. Although not do too much, but Maya really enjoyed it claimed. What happened? Is this also included in the category lesbian?

Lesbian are women or girls who are sexually more attracted to the like than men. Women heterosexual only interested in men only. The so-called bisexual get interested both in women and men. Sexual problems can be extremely complex and rare for someone to be interested only to one gender only 100% in her life. Did not rule one time was very interested in him but at other times very interested in women or vice verse. These sexual feelings are not constant, thus can be changed at any time. Even very likely a teenager is lesbian or bisexual but when adults become heterosexual, and vice verse.

Please note, not a few women are attracted to other women, but it’s hard to talk about it. And (as well as other problems are perceived but are reluctant to discuss it), it can make women ashamed of or feel as if something was wrong with him. No, nothing is wrong because this is normal, everyone will experience different feelings, feelings and romance types also vary, though all he had in mind. This type of sexual attraction should not be construed that they are the lesbian.

But there is a difference between having an interest in women and genuine sexual interest to women. This is not a difference that could easily be explained with words, because it relates to feelings. Some women have physical and sexual attraction constant to women, rather than to men. This is called lesbian.

For those of you who have a spouse who is feared lesbian, powerful way that the relationship does not continue, that is by avoiding. Start by reducing to meet him. Starting from the meeting only three times a week until eventually none at all. Accordingly, we encourage you to submit yourself to God by doing worship.

To change the behavior of sexual deviation is not easy. You must be willing and really want to change themselves. So this problem a lot depends on your own self and their lesbian intensity. When the intensity is too high, it’s hard to changed again. But if the urge lesbian quite mild and he really wants to change, are likely to succeed.

Good Lock