Lesbian !!! Why, and How To Treating?

3 Mei

What might be because a woman loved the body shape like a friend so she could be categorized as a sexually transmitted disease or lesbian? What if he really loves his friends but he also had a male lover?

These questions could certainly be a number of questions among teenagers or career women today. Call it Eve who are still sitting on the bench in high school. He claimed to feel a sense of sexual pleasure with his girlfriend.

It happened at the time of Eve saw the body of his friend when he was in the locker room during gym class. Eve is also frequently considered girls or other women is very beautiful. Though he himself had had a lover. Continue What happened to Eve? Is she a girl lesbian?

Or call it Maya who was very close with his new friends at the office. Because they were both single, very often spend time together, ranging from movies, to the Mall, or elsewhere. Hold hands, snuggle have become so common. However when his friend was staying at his home, he seems resigned to fondle her body when her friend is. Although not do too much, but Maya really enjoyed it claimed. What happened? Is this also included in the category lesbian?

Lesbian are women or girls who are sexually more attracted to the like than men. Women heterosexual only interested in men only. The so-called bisexual get interested both in women and men. Sexual problems can be extremely complex and rare for someone to be interested only to one gender only 100% in her life. Did not rule one time was very interested in him but at other times very interested in women or vice verse. These sexual feelings are not constant, thus can be changed at any time. Even very likely a teenager is lesbian or bisexual but when adults become heterosexual, and vice verse.

Please note, not a few women are attracted to other women, but it’s hard to talk about it. And (as well as other problems are perceived but are reluctant to discuss it), it can make women ashamed of or feel as if something was wrong with him. No, nothing is wrong because this is normal, everyone will experience different feelings, feelings and romance types also vary, though all he had in mind. This type of sexual attraction should not be construed that they are the lesbian.

But there is a difference between having an interest in women and genuine sexual interest to women. This is not a difference that could easily be explained with words, because it relates to feelings. Some women have physical and sexual attraction constant to women, rather than to men. This is called lesbian.

For those of you who have a spouse who is feared lesbian, powerful way that the relationship does not continue, that is by avoiding. Start by reducing to meet him. Starting from the meeting only three times a week until eventually none at all. Accordingly, we encourage you to submit yourself to God by doing worship.

To change the behavior of sexual deviation is not easy. You must be willing and really want to change themselves. So this problem a lot depends on your own self and their lesbian intensity. When the intensity is too high, it’s hard to changed again. But if the urge lesbian quite mild and he really wants to change, are likely to succeed.

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